Synthesis of GPR40 targeting (3) H- and (18) F-probes towards selective beta cell imaging.

R. Bertrand, I. Hamp, M. Brönstrup, R. Weck, M. Lukacevic, A. Polyak, T. Ross, M. Gotthardt, O. Plettenburg and V. Derdau




Diabetes affects an increasing number of patients worldwide and is responsible for a significant rise in healthcare expenses. Imaging of ?-cells in vivo is expected to contribute to an improved understanding of the underlying pathophysiology, improved diagnosis, and development of new treatment options for diabetes. Here, we describe the first radiosyntheses of [(3) H]-TAK875 and [(18) F]-TAK875 derivatives to be used as ?-cell imaging probes addressing the free fatty acid receptor 1 (FFAR1/GPR40). The fluorine-labeled derivative showed similar agonistic activity as TAK875 in a functional assay. The radiosynthesis of the (18) F-labelled tracer 2a was achieved with 16.7?�?5.7\% radiochemical yield in a total synthesis time of 60-70?min.

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