Evelien van Genugten

Evelien van Genugten studied Technical Medicine and obtained her master’s degree in Medical Imaging and Interventions at the University of Twente in March 2020. Her master internship was performed in the NucMed group and her thesis was about “multimodal imaging of the tumour microenvironment in head and neck cancer”. As of May 2020 she started the PhD-project under the supervision of Erik Aarntzen, Colin Jacobs, Sandra Heskamp and Mathias Prokop. Continuing the line of her masters’ thesis, the topic of het PhD-project is “Multimodal imaging of the tumour microenvironment”. It comprises research in lung and head and neck cancer with CT perfusion and innovative PET/CT tracers like zirconium-89 labelled durvalumab or crefmirlimab and gallium-68 labelled RGD peptides. Due to the pandemic, multimodal imaging in COVID-19 also became part of her PhD-research.