Yvonne Derks

Office: Route 756
Telephone: +31 24 3666283
Email: yvonne.derks@radboudumc.nl
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Yvonne Derks studied Biomedical sciences at the Radboud University. The subject of her master thesis was ‘Mast cells as target in colorectal cancer therapy: The role of mast cells in the malignant behavior of colon carcinoma cells’, performed at the Department of Pharmacology of the Utrecht University. After graduating cum laude in August 2017, she started her PhD in September 2017 at the Department of Radiology and Nuclear medicine under supervision of Sandra Heskamp and Susanne Lütje. The project is funded by the KWF and aims to develop Bimodal imaging agents for intraoperative radionuclide detection, fluorescent imaging and photodynamic therapy of prostate cancer.